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Boutique design for entrepreneurial folk straight from the soul


You can feel your ideal Branding or Website Design in your bones.

It’s there, humming along with its own energy, waiting to be brought into the physical realm.

But you don’t have the know-how to craft it yourself. And that’s totally OK, because you’ve got your own things going on.
This is why it makes sense to outsource to someone who is not only an expert in the design field, but a fellow creator with a taste for the whimsical and wild.

I founded Design Alchemy to do exactly that - meld your desires and intentions with my ability to form them into the tangible.

Together, we’ll make magic.

“She is so much more than a creative, she has the business and tech smarts to go with it. She had ideas for things I hadn’t even contemplated yet!” - Tamara

You’re wanting to start strong in your new business, or perhaps it’s time for an overhaul of one you’ve been successfully running for ages.

Either way, you need branding that speaks to your power, intuition, creativity, and spirit.

Design Alchemy offers boutique branding design services for bold entrepreneurial witchy folk of all stripes, from goddesses and shield maidens to Valkyries and Vikings, and anyone with even the slightest hint of the wonderfully arcane about them.

Whatever your business and whatever your needs, I work with you to craft the most transcendental designs that will ensure your brand is aligned with your truest self, all while enchanting your ideal clients.

"She listens to what you're planning and imagining and then produces something that surpasses all your expectations. I've had lots of work done by Freya and have been impressed by her creativity, understanding and professionalism every time." - Pamela

I’m Freya

For over 20 years I’ve been working as a graphic designer and branding specialist, mostly in the corporate space - and doing pretty well at it. But it’s left my spirit a bit deflated. I’ve been lacking the connection and fulfilment that comes with working with my own ideal clients.

Now, I’m focusing on you.

Maybe you’re a witch. Maybe you’re an artist. Maybe you’re a musician, a healer, an intuitive. You’re creative and purposeful and have a desire to resonate with your clients on a deep level. Just as I do.

So let’s explore that desire, and create something magical that will fill your creative soul.

you + me = Design Alchemy

✦ Meet me here ✦

“Freya took the time to understand what we wanted and then was prompt and comprehensive in what she delivered.” - Emma
“Freya took my half-garbled, incoherent ideas and turned them into EXACTLY what I had in my head for my website - it was like magic!” - Astrid

Portfolio / Case Study

Meet some of the creative projects I’ve been a part of;
custom design and branding for incredible entrepreneurs

How this work is different from hiring a ‘regular’ Designer

While there is a bit of magic sprinkled through everything I do, there’s also some foundational work to be done.

We begin the ritual with a framework which includes tips to help keep things flowing along nicely.

I’ll get to know you, your business, your desires, your intentions, and then I’ll start on the creation phase using my background of analytics, user experience, and structure that works.

This is the elemental part of the work, it digs deep and it peers into every corner of what makes you.. you!

From there, depending on the scope of work required, feedback speed, and revision requests, the full process takes between 5-10 weeks, after which you’ll have the most beautiful bespoke website or branding designed to charm your clients and speak to your spirit.

✦ Meet me here ✦
“I have a functioning site that reflects what I wanted and has nudged me in the direction of frankly some spectacular concepts I never would have come up with myself.” - Astrid
Build a brand that reflects your innermost self, and connects with the people that are meant to love you.
✦ Shall we? ✦