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You’re not here by accident

Finding a designer that aligns with your message and your vibes can be tricky, but if you’re a witchy, spiritual, or in-touch-with-your-feminine-power kind of entrepreneur, you’ve landed in the right place.
It’s not by accident.
You’re meant to be here. I’m just like you; creative and authentic, and determined to have a thread of whimsy running through everything I do.

Welcome to Design Alchemy,
where the ethereal intangible meets analytic insight.

✦ I’m Freya Horn ✦

I started out in the design world (falsely) believing that quirk, individuality, and even a hint of the strange and unusual should be hidden from my clients in order to be ‘successful’ in business. And while that philosophy worked for me really well on one level, it left me empty on another.

Now I’ve shifted my focus to Design Alchemy, in which I conjure forth the most divine websites and branding to suit your unique and magical offerings.

Website, graphic, and branding design are the bread and butter of what I’ve been doing for over 20 years. And it's obviously a creative business, fueled by intention and purpose. So, it’s no surprise that I’ve decided to fully lean into my craft and offer my services to those of you who thrive in the creative spaces.

Corporate world or otherwise, I've always placed a lot of value on bespoke design, because it’s hard to capture the spirit and energy of a business by using templates, standard layouts, and stock imagery. And I’m carrying that philosophy through in Design Alchemy.

Everything I create for you… is for you.

Nothing soulless, boring, or same-y here. Just a dedication to my craft and a sprinkle of magic to bring yours to life. I create an alchemy between analytics and art, which happens to be exactly what you need.

“She is not just a designer, she's also an artist, which is why she is able to create imaginative, unique designs.” - Pamela

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“I totally trust her ability to come up with authentic and eye-catching designs.” - Sona

Professional Biography

Freya Horn is the founder of Designer in Your Pocket, a Cairns-based business that has been servicing clients locally, nationally, and internationally since 2003 providing unique branding, creative graphic design, and 100% custom website designs.

She has recently launched a sister brand, Design Alchemy, to market specifically to her ideal client and fulfil her own creative desires which lean towards the whimsical and artistic.

Regardless of whether a client is a corporate conglomerate or a wiccan goddess, she doesn’t believe enchantment starts with a stock-standard website theme and a whipped-together logo, but instead you. The client. The magic. She knows, to build a brand, the analysis isn’t all about your competitors and how to differentiate yourself, but, instead, to look deep inside the soul of the person behind the brand to build something that is so far beyond the ‘usual’ it couldn’t even be considered similar to someone trying to compete against you.

The essence within you. That’s where it all arises from.
Then, we’ll craft a brand that speaks the way it should and that works the way you need it to.
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