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(Almost) supernaturally brilliant branding and design subscription service for sage entrepreneurs

Because even business relationships should be more than skin deep


Ready for long-term commitment?
Design Alchemy is your branding guide.

You’ve worked with me before and it’s been my pleasure and privilege to capture the magic within you and craft it into your new website or branding. Now, business is picking up or you’ve got a new venture, and you need all the things designed, pronto!
Join my not-so-secret design coven by picking the subscription that suits you best. From then on, I’ll be always at the ready with ideas and solutions to all your brilliant business design needs.
You have a LOT on, all the time!
You'd love to keep your momentum and focus on what you do best while I deliver your tasks as required, without waiting on a timeslot or quote to come through.
So mote it be!
Sign on for a Design Alchemy subscription package and I’ll wave my magic wand over all your design ideas while you’re off doing your thing.
With quick turnarounds and an established insight into your business, you can trust that everything I deliver– from business cards to newsletter templates – will match your visions so well you’ll almost swear I was living in your brain.

Time really is money

Outsource all the stuff that would take you forever to DIY and your investment will pay you right back
“I will continue to grow my business with Freya as she is fantastic at what she does.” - Nathan

Why choose a Design Alchemy subscription?

You’ll always be at the front of the queue!
Unlimited work and revisions across all services (inclusions vary according to your needs and with each subscription)
I keep your assets at the ready for those urgent jobs, so you'll get the best available turnaround times
Great option for someone who's completed a package and wants the consistency of Design Alchemy managing all your ongoing projects
Package clients get 20% off subscriptions for life ❤

Your business is going brilliantly (as it should be), but you’ve got one major problem - you’re struggling to stay on top of all the platforms and keep your branding consistent.

You’ve been playing around with Canva, which is wonderful, but are finding you’re wasting too much time in there. You’ve got social media posts to create, newsletters to send out, an upcoming event that needs flyers and advertising, and on top of everything else you forgot to set up your email signature properly in the beginning so now it’s looking a bit wonky compared to your shiny website and polished branding.

It's a lot. You’ve got actual, real work to do and no time to waste trying to design all the things.

It’s time to outsource it!

Snag a Design Alchemy subscription package and send me all the fiddly and time-consuming jobs, the big and overwhelming jobs, and the I-have-no-idea-where-to-even-start jobs, and I’ll magic up just the things you need and send them to you in the blink of an eye.

How do you sign up for a subscription?

First, download my price guide for details on set packages, pricing, inclusions, options & bonuses.
Select from one of my subscriptions, or request a custom subscription, then hit apply.
I’ll get in with you to talk through your needs and answer any questions you have.
From there, I’ll confirm your inclusions and map a strategy according to your needs and turnaround requirements. 
When you're ready to hit go, I’ll set up your current brand assets ready for me to use whenever you have a request.
All you need to do from there is pay for the month in advance and then start sending through your requests!
download priceguide

 There’s a subscription to suit you, whatever your needs.
Contact me and I’ll craft one just for you.

request a custom subscription

"Freya has been absolutely incredible to work with. She has helped with every little nitty gritty detail along the way and so we can’t thank her enough."
- Dorine